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In press

Debois, S., & Slaats, T. (accepted). The Analysis of a Real Life Declarative Process. 2015 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Data Mining  (IEEE CIDM'15), Special Session 4: Process Mining.

Debois, S., & Hildebrandt, T. (accepted). Dynamic Condition Response Graphs as Foundation for Event-based Languages and Systems. REBLS '15, Workshop on Reactive and Event-based Languages & Systems.

Schmidt, K. (in press). Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). In K. B. Jensen (ed.): International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell.


Boulus-Rødje, N. (2015). Foreløbige resultater – Undersøgelse af borgerens rejse gennem system og identificering af ‘breaking points’ (in Danish). CompArt Technical Report Series, TR-2015-1 (pp. 17).

Boulus-Rødje, N. (2015). Foreløbige resultater – Borgerens rejse gennem systemet (in Danish). Short version of CompArt Technical Report Series, TR-2015-1 (pp. 8)

Bjørn, P., and Boulus-Rødje, N. (2015). The multiple intersecting sites of design in CSCW research. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), 24(4), 319-351.

Bjørn, P., and Boulus-Rødje, N. (2015). Studying Technologies in Practice: “Bounding Practices” When Investigating Socially Embedded Technologies. In Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real-World (pp. 341-356). Springer London.

Boulus-Rødje N., Bjørn P. and Ghazawneh, A. (2015). “It’s about Business not Politics”: Software Development between Palestinians and Israelis. Proceedings of the European Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW) Conference, 19-23 September 2015, Oslo, Norway.

Boulus-Rødje, N., and Bjørn, P. (2015). Design Challenges in Supporting Distributed Knowledge: An Examination of Organizing Elections. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2015.

Christensen, L.R., and Bertelsen, O.W. (2015). Getting Primitive about Materiality: Manipulation and Control of Causal Relationships in Chemotherapy. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Infrastructures for Healthcare, 18-19 June 2015, Trento, Italy.

Christensen, L. R., and Bertelsen, O. W. (2015). A View of Causation for CSCW: Manipulation and Control in the Material Field of Work. In Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real-World (pp. 151-169). Springer London.

Debois, S., Hildebrandt, T., & Slaats, T. (2015). Concurrency and Asynchrony in Declarative Workflows. In Business Process Management (pp. 72-89). Springer International Publishing.

Debois, S., Hildebrandt, T., Marquard, M., & Slaats, T. (2015). Hybrid Process Technologies in the Financial Sector. Proceedings of the Industry Track at the 13th International Conference on Business Process Management,  September 2015, Innsbruck, Austria.

Debois, S., Hildebrandt, T., & Slaats, T. (2015). Safety, Liveness and Run-Time Refinement for Modular Process-Aware Information Systems with Dynamic Sub Processes. In FM 2015: Formal Methods (pp. 143-160). Springer International Publishing.

Debois, S., Hildebrandt, T., Marquard, M., & Slaats, T. (2015). Bridging the valley of death: a success story on danish funding schemes paving a path from technology readiness level 1 to 9. 2nd  International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice (SER&IP), 17 May 2015, Firenze, Italy.

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Schmidt, K. (2014). The concept of ‘practice’: What’s the point? Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems (COOP), 27-30 May 2014, Nice, France, Springer, London.